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  • We personally VISIT extractors and quarry operators involved in luxurious raw stones from best quarries in Italy.
  • We take full RESPONSIBILITY for the planning, management and execution of turn-key projects under our client’s control.
  • We KEEP our client at the center of the process, communicating how the project is progressing.
  • We are Italian artisans and we love TRADITION and QUALITY
  • We understand that any property is a long-term investment in its beauty and function.
  • Our pre-designed floors, ceiling, bath, shower and kitchen areas can enrich your experience.
  • We can create for you elements with your own design to sell it on amazon.
  • You’ll re-model your house with impressive design and class, long-lasting quality and much more.
  • We can help you avoid costly mistakes that could potentially ruin a project and reduce your budget.
  • Create several design elements you won’t find in stores.
  • We can keep much closer eye on the quality and make changes with much more flexibility
  • We can give techniques that requires close collaboration achieve clever solutions in whatever space you’re building.
Our artisans, stone working masters, can help you create custom made solutions for surface coverings and design elements.
Based on building principles and techniques you can enjoy your home remodeling time.



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